Property Management Made Easy

**Are you looking for a cabin rental management company in the High Country? 

**Are you unhappy or not taken care of at a current management company? 

**Are you just getting started in the rental business and looking for an experience rental company?

High Mountain Cabin Rentals is the perfect choice for North Carolina rental property owners who want the benefits of renting their home without any of the headaches that come along with it. We make it easy for you to enjoy your vacation home AND reap the benefits of allowing others to stay at your NC Mountain Cabin. 

We take pride in our family owned business of taking care of our property owners while developing trusting and lasting relationships. Some of our owners have been with us since we started our business in 2008. We are VERY thankful for each and every one of our homeowners and always strive to provide the best experience possible when renting your properties. Our homeowners will never be surprised with charges or fees such as marketing/advertising, maintenance, laundry or yearly fees. 

Our compensation is based on results, not promises!

High Mountain Cabin Rentals is a full service property management company. We specialize in vacation rentals, long term rentals and sales. As your representatives, we have a vested interest in your income property. We will aggressively market your property to maximize your return.

Marketing & Advertising Exposure

High Mountain Cabin Rentals is committed to providing the best exposure for your home. Vacationers can't book your home if they don't know about it. We are members of the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce, Boone Chamber of Commerce and currently have an A+ rating with the NC Better Business Bureau. WIth high competition in cabin rentals and other lodging services in the area we strive to make it easy for our customers to find the perfect rental in a quick and convenient way. We are constantly working on our marketing strategies and setting new goals to convert new customers to returning guests. 

Our marketing plan includes:

High Mountain Cabin Rentals prides itself on our experienced management team. We have a proven track record and continue to focus on the areas below which deliver the results you want:

Our business depends on our dedication to detail, honesty and reliability and we will work hard for you to maintain our long standing reputation as one of the High Country's premier vacation rental and property management companies.

High Mountain Cabin Rentals has been a popular rental company in the High Country since opening in 2008. We feel as though these years of experience have assisted us in the process of managing your investment home successfully. Our one on one experience with our homeowners greatly exceeds expectations of the overnight lodging business. High Mountain Cabin Rentals would love to put the experience to work for you and your future customers.

Our customer service and reservation staff try to always be professional and responsible. At High Mountain Cabin Rentals we have a full-time maintenance crew, professional housekeeping staff, and inspection services. We care about your investment and we will give your property the care it needs to make your guests, and ours, continuously satisfied. 

We strive to be receptive to every need and promote your investment fairly. Every guest is treated respectfully and given the needed attention because we believe that when this happens, there is a better chance the customer will return to your rental. Repeat business is VERY important in the rental industry. In fact, it is the easiest business in the rental industry. More competition arises in this industry every day so we work constantly on our prices, quality, and availability in order to reach the thousands of tourists that visit the High County annually.

Consider Switching To Our Management Program--Contact Us Today! You'll be happy you did! Also, don't forget to ask about our partner, Xploire, and what we have to offer for the home owner and our guests!

Stacey Hamilton, Owner: 828-773-6963